This week we will be making an all time favorite mix from the amazing line of Zomo Strong flavors. Our mix this week is Strong Blue and Strong Lemon. To get the perfect mix, you must add 60% Strong Blue and fill the rest of the bowl with Strong Lemon. This will give you a perfectly portioned Strong Blue and Strong Lemon mix which is very zesty and tasty. It has a sweet and sour taste but in a very mellow and getle fashion. Neither flavor is too dominant over the other and both mix very well with each other. Keep in mind that because both of these flavors are from the Strong Line, this is a mix made entirely of dark leaf tobacco. Although the 60/40 ratio is the sweet spot to get the best results and the best clouds, you can mix the Strong Blue with your favorite regular lemon flavor if you dont want the whole bowl to be filled with dark leaf tobacco. Try out the mix and let us know what percentages you used.

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Our mix this week is Strong Blue and Strong Lemon


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